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March 29, 2011



While I agree with the basic sentiment here, lets use another example. If someone were to come out and launch a manifesto about how a given writing style/etc were the end-all be-all (im using something that hits a little bit closer to home for you) and the style that should be used by all writers... you could see that a writer with perhaps a bit of a sensitive temperament might take issue. Again, fundamentally I agree, who cares? Its just that this hag has chosen to stand up on a public pulpit and book tour preaching her approach and certainly, WSJ helped frame it in the context of 'This is how to parent for success'. Being a parent is hard. Having to listen to multiple input sources telling you 'yur doin it wrong' and sort the wheat from the chaff is not an easy task. And when you get idiots like this one that just add to the din, it stirs up some fierce feelings.


I don't see why everyone's getting so upset by this Tiger Mom. It's only her opinion, after all. Who cares what she thinks is the best way to parent? Who is she that her opinion is so important? If she thinks all children should be velcroed to a wall until they are 18 (as I do), or should be studying Einstein at 2, bowing to their parents and polishing their shoes before dawn each day, so what?

All these reactions to her has me confused. Why the anger? Why should she make anyone else think they are doing a bad job? Who cares what she thinks?

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